37. The Lord gave the Word
Track 36 on Rehearsal CD


This chorus begins a section of Messiah where the central idea is the spreading of the Gospel and it’s acceptance. Here the chorus represents the evangelistic preachers of the Gospel. It is in the nature of a fanfare, with a strikingly instrumental character. Jan Peter Larsen explains this chorus eloquently; “Strong in their conviction of victory, irresistible, God’s messengers set out to reach to all nations that the victory is won, that mankind has been liberated from the power of Death”.

Theme 1 ALL, measures 1-2 and 9-10 (sung marked and detached) both times end with dotted quarter, eighth rest.

The Lord gave the word — omit “r” in LORD and WORD, accentuate consonants L. G Th(oo) L(AW) D g(EH)(EE)ve th(oo) (OO)(oo)d.

Theme 2a All, measures 3-4 —(sung legato) note difference in rhythms measures 3-4, 8-9; and 11. 15; Everyone enters on beat 2.

                       Great was the company of the preachers “t” of “great” attached to the "was” (Grea twas); flip the “r” in “Great”; don’t accentuate the 1st syllable of “preachers”- omit the "r”:

emphasize the “m” in "company”; accent every dotted eighth note.

GR(EH)(EE) t(OO)(UH)z th(oo) C(UH)M P(UH) N(EE) (uh)v th(oo) PR(EE) ch(oo)z.


Theme 2b


ALL sing BASS, measures 4-7 — (sung legato) — melismas

ALL sing ALTO, measures 16— end of chorus


FOUR PARTS sing measure 4 beat 2 through measure 7

FOUR PARTS sing measure 15 beat 3 to end.


Watch dynamics. Not too loud!  You must sound like enthusiastic, articulate preachers, not pulpit-pounders.