Messiah Choral Society of Grand Junction

Special Instructions for Singers


The First Methodist Church is located at 522 White Ave. It occupies the space between Grand Ave. and White so you will find it easiest to enter from Grand into the parking lot at the back of the church. The doors of the church will normally be locked at our rehearsal times so be sure to enter at the back door where someone will be present to let you in. We will be rehearsing in a large fellowship hall in the basement. If you arrive after 2:15, you may find a locked door and no one there. You may call my cell 260-4895. We will make a final check at the door at 2:30.

To register to sing:

Singers from last year: We will have a table for singers who rehearsed with us last year to register for this year. Your name will be on a roster at that table with your address, phone number, email address, and voice (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). Update any of your roster information that has changed and make a check mark to the left of your name to indicate you are registering to sing this year.

New Singers: We will have a table with sign up sheets for new singers to register. Please fill out a sign up sheet and return it to the new singers table after you have completed it.

Scores, Score Cover, Rehearsal CD, & Dues:

SCORES - We will have new copies of the Leonard Van Camp score. The price of the score is $15 for the spriral bound score with plastice laminated covers and the special choral version of "How Beautiful are the Feet" insert installed.

We also ask that you purchase a score cover for $6 prior to the concert (we don't sell them until a few weeks before the concert) to create a uniform appearance in the choir. We only use the cover for the performance so it will last you for many years.

REHEARSAL CD - The rehearsal CD has a piano playing the piano reduction and a small ensemble of singers singing each of the choruses. There is a special CD for each SATB voice so if you are singing alto, get an alto CD, etc. On your CD you will hear your part emphasized on the left stereo channel. By adjusting the balance control on your CD player you can control how loud your part sounds relative to the other parts. The CD is a very helpful rehearsal tool even if you have sung Messiah many times before. We offer copies of the CD for $1 each. We will use the same rehearsal CD each year so you need only buy it once.

DUES - The Messiah Choral Society is a Colorado Non-Profit corporation controlled by its members. Annual membership dues are $10. Please pay dues by the 4th rehearsal. You have no obligation if you check us out for 3 rehearsals and then decide not to join. The revenue from dues is used to help offset the cost of the rehearsals (director, accompanist, and section leaders). In addition, upon paying your dues you become a voting member of the Messiah Choral Society empowered to elect the officers of the corporation at the annual meeting held at the rehearsal just prior to the dress rehearsal.

After you have registered, move to the next table a select the items you would like to purchase and pay the cashiers. When you have finished, have a seat in the rehearsal area. Jim prefers the tenors and basses in the front with the sopranos and altos alongside and behind them.

We have spent some time organizing this procedure to process 100 people within fifteen minutes. We are working on an online registration system. Watch this page to see if we complete before the first rehearsal.

If you would like copies of the photograph of the orchestra, soloists, and chorus or the CD from last year, we will have those available at the second and subsequent rehearsals.

ABOUT REGISTRATION. Each week after the first rehearsal, we create sheets of name tags for each singer. When you come to subsequent rehearsals, please find and place your name tag on your clothing so other singers can address you by name. In addition, we use the unclaimed name tags to keep attendance records. If you miss several rehearsals in a row, we may contact you to determine if you intend to sing in the performance. This is necessary for us to determine the names of the singers in the concert program and the number of risers required to seat them.

Singing in this performance is about having fun and experiencing the exhilaration of creating something both spiritual and very beautiful and then giving it away as a gift to our community. Some adminstrative hassle is necessary to pull it off.